​Mitsubishi eX-Plus Series


Our 12ft, 175-ton Baseform press brake provides accurate bending capability over a broad variety of materials.

The Baseform allows for easy program back-gage positions necessary to form multiple flanges in one handling. Gage allowance, clamp position, retract distance and gage pause are also programmable, and a closed-loop servo drive provides fast, precise gage positions. 


We operate the finest American-made TIG and MIG equipment by Lincoln Electric and Hobart, providing just the right touch for cosmetic or industrial need applications. 



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Our eX Series lasers are designed to meet the most demanding needs with faster movement, more powerful piercing, and a cut superior to competitors. This laser is built on a heavy-duty single platform with 60 x 120 interchangeable tables. The cutting capacity is up to 1.000 mild steel, 3/8 stainless steel, and 5/16 aluminum.

The eX Series combined with our in-house nitrogen generating system from South-tek Industries makes Metaltek the economical source for quality components. 

We offer machining services & metal finishing including grinding, buffing, polishing and vibratory tumbling.

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